Industry Sectors

Vermillion Rise Mega Park is ideally suited to many different manufacturing interests, including:

  • Agri-business – Indiana agriculture contributes roughly $31.2 billion to the Hoosier GDP annually, with approximately 107,500 Hoosier jobs supported by agricultural production, processing and related activities.  With more than 14.7 million acres of farmland, Indiana is a leading producer of corn, soybeans, hogs, poultry, popcorn, and tomato products. Click here for more information.
  • Advanced manufacturing –  By combining the state’s advanced manufacturing expertise with world class universities and research facilities, Indiana is helping lead the charge to create innovative new products and processes that will improve our economy and our quality of life in the 21st century. Click here for more information.
    • Automotive components
    • Chemicals and plastics
    • Primary Metals
    • Farm machinery and equipment
    • Food products including corn fructose and citric acid
  • Energy – Innovation in the Midwest is driving new energy projects in Indiana. Amazon recently constructed a 150 megawatt wind farm in Indiana to power its data centers.  Indianapolis Power and Light constructed a battery farm that is one of the largest energy storage facilities in the Midwest. Indiana-based Windstream Technologies is bringing affordable energy solutions to remote regions of the globe without power. The Indianapolis International Airport is home to North America’s largest airport-based solar farm. Click here for more information.
  • Life Sciences – By leveraging our world-class universities and research partnerships, Indiana delivers the resources and the people that life science companies need to compete for and win new opportunities for jobs and investment in the global marketplace. Click here for more information.  See link to Duke Energy recent profile of facilities capable of accommodating life science operations.


The park is conveniently located midway between two interstate highways, I-74 to the north and I-70 to the south, both of which are quickly accessible via Highway 63, a divided highway adjacent to the park. I-70 also provides easy access to the Indianapolis International Airport – home to the second largest FedEx hub in the world.

For plastics producers, Vermillion Rise has access to high volume natural gas transmission lines and significant electric capacity.  Auto components manufacturers will find the park’s location is in the center of the nation’s automotive corridor – stretching from the upper Midwest to Mexico – and easy access via interstate highway very attractive.

Water – a critical concern for industries like chemicals manufacturing. Vermillion Rise sits atop an aquifer capable of providing over 30 million gallons of water per day. A wastewater treatment plant located onsite with an excess capacity of 194,000 gallons per day is accessible by every business in the park.

Natural gas is supplied through the Panhandle Eastern Pipeline with additional accessible from the Rockies Express Pipeline adjacent to the park.

Over 160MVA of competitively priced electric energy is available from Duke Energy’s two substations.

Proximity to vocational schools, community colleges and universities gives businesses in Vermillion Rise access to an educated talent pool. It also provides the opportunity for continued education and training programs and shared resources.